The Sound Field | Shows

Friday, 26 March, 2021

Join us for a double-header CD release drop live stream from the Sweetwater, in Mill Valley!

At 6 pm, Lauren Murphy will open the show with an hourlong set showcasing her new CD. The Sound Field will close with our own new CD, "This Moment Of The Storm". The band for both sets will be Nic Grabien on bass, Larry Luthi on bass, Mark Karan on lead guitar, and Henry Salvia on keyboards. Lauren will be doing double duty, not only her own set, but sharing the Angel Choir duties with Kathleen Salvia during the Sound Field's set.

Be there! And share, please!

October 31, 2020 So, yesterday, we played a show at Peter Beagle's place of residence, in El Cerrito. He was awarded a literary prize, with cash, but the stipulation was that he had to spend it on something that made him happy, not on bills or things that didn't make him happy. He hired us. We were joined by Henry Salvia on keyboards. | Read more