The Sound Field 10-31-2020


So, yesterday, we played a show at Peter Beagle's place of residence, in El Cerrito. He was awarded a literary prize, with cash, but the stipulation was that he had to spend it on something that made him happy, not on bills or things that didn't make him happy. He hired us. We were joined by Henry Salvia on keyboards.

Some firsts yesterday, during an extremely enjoyable 1:15 minute set. Learning to ignore the BART trains thundering by overhead was actually fairly easy. But singing through an N95 mask, while absolutely doable, comes with a couple of tricky things that singing without one doesn't. That moment when you take a deep inhale and the lining of the mask decides that the place it really want to be is not just over your mouth, but actually snuggling up to your tonsils.
There actually was a nice little crowd inside, in the huge dining room. The staff opened the windows and both doors to the outside, and we played to them. And Peter had a fabulous tee-shirt on. Thank you for hiring us, beloved Unclefox. We had a blast. And it was fabulous getting to meet Mr. Badger (you can see his head and teeshirt, watching from his lawn chair). We got to see Kathleen Hunt for a while as well.

Here are some pictures, taken by Joy Cardinal. The picture of Peter and his splendid shirt is by Larry Luthi.