Zoo In Heaven

Deborah Grabien

I had a dream so early this morning
I had a dream about age and pain
Standing with a friend at the end of a concert
Waiting for a taxi in the light cold rain

Morning came down like death on the pavement
Taxi came along and we drove away
You were backstage in your zoo in Heaven
And the dream's been haunting me all through the day.

Maybe I was dreaming of a youth I'd misplaced
Remembered not regretted, it never came true
Maybe I was dreaming of my own place in the future
Maybe I was simply dreaming about you.

Morning came down like the lights on your shoulder
Waking pulled harder than my hands in your hair
Dreaming, I watched you, but you never even saw me

You're in a zoo in Heaven, watch the animals posture and pair

The backstage was gilded like the gates of heaven
Your dream voice was hushed, as in a holy place
You sat at a table, and your wings dragged in the ashes
I watched you through distance, I watched you through space

You were all posing like elephants for peanuts
Strange, exotic animals, unconscious of our gaze
We couldn't buy tickets to your zoo in Heaven
We left and a taxi drove us off into the haze.

I had a dream, so early this morning...

© 2014 Deborah Grabien