Roof Falling In

Deborah Grabien

Does it come across backwards, have we been here before?
Have we misplaced the three small stars
That we kept for the luck of our kingdom?
Does it come to you empty? Do you know what it’s for?
Have I scratched my name on your memory’s door Is the roof falling in?

Can you give me a reason? Should I get you a drink?
Have you shrugged off the three long days
That we spent in the hills of your kingdom?
Are you saint? Am I sinner? Am I too sick to think?
Have we fallen so low there's nowhere to sink Is the roof falling in?

And the plaster’s peeling, and I'm shining with scars
And I’m weaving through piles of wires and legs Tripping over guitars
And it’s winter where I am, but it’s summer for you
And the hole in the roof lets the rain in in floods
And it’s falling on you.

Can you spare me a rhythm, are we just marking time
Have we buried the bones of whatever it was
That protected the luck of our kingdom?
Are my eyes beating madly? Is my heart going blind?
Will you give me an answer, just a word or a sign: Is the roof falling in?

© 2014 Deborah Grabien