It's About Time

Deborah Grabien & Lauren Murphy

Some say Time is a river, I say Time is a thief
He takes it all, strips you down to the bone
Leaves you nothing but sorrow and grief
You ride that river in a leaky boat, 24/7 trying to stay afloat
Someone help me out, I think I'm sinking down
I'm almost out of time, and I don't intend to drown.

You're walkin' ten miles to the casino, they point you at the roulette wheel
Red to black, you know the deck is stacked
Rocking you, rolling you back on your heels
Storm surge grabs you by the nape of the neck
There's only lifeboat, it's chained to the deck
Throw me down a line, someone get me off this wreck
Because I paid my dues andTime gets to pick up the cheque.

He's like the world's meanest Casanova, first he puts the stars in your eyes
Silver tongued devil says you'll live forever
But you know he's just feedin' you sugar and lies
He'll love you, and he'll strip you, then he'll leave you to die
Walk away laughing, no reason or rhyme
If we're talkin' 'bout bullies, Time is the worst
It might not be so bad if he'd just kiss me first

The water's up over your shoulders, your feet can't get a grip
Around every corner in every mirror Time's blocking the way off this ship
Sun's going down, the dark is falling, hour's getting late, I can hear Time calling
"Pull up a chair, honey kick off your shoes
I'm making you an offer that you can't refuse:
Baby, sit down at the table, howsabout one more bet?
If you can pull a face card higher than Time's, I'll let you walk on out of here with no regrets."

The bow is creaking and the storm's overhead
Timbers are leaking, Time'll leave you for dead
Well you can offer me caviar, drown me in kisses & booze
I'll play your game though we both know you can't lose.

If we're talkin' 'bout bullies, well Time is the worst
It might not be so bad if he'd just kiss me first.

© 2014 Deborah Grabien and Lauren Murphy