You Better Duck

Looking in the mirror, tell you what I see
We're talking outrage and ego and entropy
Counting every shadow, counting every line
Every hit I've taken's on this face of mine

Life's coming at you, doesn't care who you are
And Death is locked and loaded in the back of the car
You think you can outrun them, well you're shit outta luck
Here's a word of advice, babe:
You better duck, you better duck

We make a little promise about sickness and health
But payback is the only time we're sharing the wealth
Take it to the limit, the limit takes it back
Dumps you into limbo and it cuts you no slack

Life's got your number, Jack, it's taking you down
The problem is that life's the only game in town
Try to keep your head down, learn to roll and tuck
Here's a word to the wise, babe:
You better duck, you better duck

(instrumental break)

The face in the mirror thinks it's time to move on
The problem is that I may already be gone
Life left a message, left it taped to the wall:
"Shelter in place because I'm coming to call"

You put your hand out for sugar, there's nothing but salt
If it's more than you can handle, it's your own damned fault
You're in it or you're out of it, so pack up the truck and
Drive like hell or you'd better learn
You'd better learn to duck