You don't crest every wave on a surfboard, you don't jump every fence on a horse
You don't pay in cold cash for what's left in the trash
When what's left of your courage has finished the course.
And for everyone thinking you're diamond, hardest thing they could find in this world
You're left sucking your thumb, bleeding broken and numb
On the floor of your life where your fear left you curled
I'm not fearless, I'm just human
I've got nothing to offer beyond what you need
Don't know why you'd believe that I'm too tough to grieve
I get just as scared as you: I'm not fearless.

There are footsteps I don't care to follow, there are movements I just wouldn't lead
And the flowers that bloom while we're working the room
Tend to die on the vine, never touching the seed
And I know that I must sound ungrateful for those things that I've already got
I'm just asking for space, feel the wind on my face
And the freedom to be what you all think I'm not
I'm not fearless, I'm just human
I've been broken in places that you'll never see
I have nothing to spare, you've seen all that is there
Just back off and let me breathe - I'm not fearless.

Point me at someone to talk to, give me a number to call
Day after day, feel it slipping away and I'm reading the writing on the wall
Who do I make this cheque out to, just show me where I should sign
How much will it cost me, I'm just trying to buy me some time.

Have I walked through that raging inferno? Have I trusted my feet to the coals?
Hell, I took out a lease, rubbed my wounds with the grease
And I'm still paying rent on that hole in my soul
All I ask is permission to tremble when the nightmares get too tough to take
I am not made of stone, I am flesh, blood and bone
I'm as fragile as ice stretched hair-thin on a lake

I'm not fearless, I'm just human
Do you honestly think I won't shatter like glass?
I don't care what you think - I've been pushed to the brink
Out of courage, out of time:
I'm not fearless. I'm not fearless.