The Bucket List
Track 11

David Phillips
Pedal Steel

Mark Karan
Lead Guitar

Mookie Siegel

Somewhere in Time

by Deborah Grabien, Nicholas Grabien, Larry Luthi

Out late, out too long, medicating in your corner
Funeral for your own life, looks like you're the only mourner
New moon, old story, walk away, no guts no glory
Broken bells still ringing like a chime
I hope you make it home somewhere in time.

So lost, the night comes in, dulling down the old regret
Maybe there's a way back out and I just haven't found it yet
Soft sell, softer touch, you never really asked for much
Why was it always someone else's dime?
I hope you make it home somewhere in time.

Falling on my face, I saw you sprawling on the ground
No hint of grace, only you and I around
I tried to catch and hold you
Protect you and enfold you
Instead I watched you break without a sound.

Old wounds, older scars, long ago they meant survival
Now they're only puckered skin, grey as ash, no hope of revival
We pull down our sleeves, cover up, so we believe
Try and salvage something from the grime
I hope you make it home somewhere in time.

Wake up, it's the witching hour: was that your voice calling my name?
Light fails, darkness falls, just me left to carry the blame
Quiet ghosts and noisy dreams, nothing left but these extremes
The stairs were steep, we never made that climb
I hope you made it home somewhere in time
Meet me at the house somewhere in time

Lyric copyright © 2014, Deborah Grabien; all rights reserved.