The Bucket List
Track 3

Jason Crosby

Mark Karan
Lead Guitar

Mookie Siegel

Legends and Angels

by Deborah Grabien

There were tears on my table there was smoke in my eyes
Feedback and fury, a note in my pocket, a sense of surprise
It was a night to remember, one I'd love to forget
It was goodbye, angel, while I drowned in a sea of my own regret

And tiger, tiger, you burned out so bright
Legends die young and a legend went to rest that night
Told me it was over, somehow got away
Let my heart bleed out of my eyes
Until the night was a new day.

You made me smash my porcelain angels
Broken their wings shattered their handles
Blew out the last of the holiday candles
Legends and angels die

You were wearing velvet, there were birds on your sleeve
And vision distorted, left me breathless and dizzy
Nothing left to believe
So I crouched in the aisle, shrinking back out of sight
Your mystery flared and extinguished like ghost-fires fade in the light.

And tiger, tiger I only hope that your sleep
Isn't troubled, like mine is, by nightmares, the grim little harvest we reap
And your memory's fire, and your memory's flood
A germ and a seed in my dreams
And a smiling vampire feeding
deep down in my blood

Legends and angels die.

Legends and angels die.
Legends and angels die.
Legends and angels...

Lyric copyright © 1981, Deborah Grabien; all rights reserved.