Deep Red Joy
This House
Legends and Angels
Tell Me Again
Little Umbrellas
This Road
Fable of the Wings
You Better Duck
Somewhere in Time


The Bucket List

Sometimes, a Bucket List is a list of things you want to do. Places you want to visit.

This one is a list of things that needed to be said. Stories that needed to be told. Closure, of sorts, and a letting go.

With songs covering over 40 years of writing, this project covers a lot of ground. Aided and abetted by a cast of some amazingly great players and even greater friends, it's a personal statement that resonates across many people's life experiences. Love, loss, strength, vulnerability...

It all needs to be said. Hopefully, it speaks to you, and for you, as well.

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The Sound Field

Deborah Grabien - Guitar & Vocals
Nic Grabien - Bass
Larry Luthi - Drums & Percussion

Aided and abetted by:

Jason Crosby - Violin
Mark Karan - Lead & Acoustic Guitars
David Lindley - Bouzoukis, McGrath Hawaiian Guitar & Lap Steel
Lauren Murphy - Backing Vocals
David Phillips - Pedal Steel
Pete Sears - Piano
Mookie Siegel - Piano & Keyboards